The paranoid penguin

Fair game

Paradax is the penguin that you have been waiting for. A former startup logo, he is now free to roam.

The future is bright

The future of Paradax is undetermined. He may be in a children's book, or part of a comic series, or sell his soul to a merchandise industrialist.

You are invited

Let us know what Paradax should be when he grows up.
You know where to find us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Paradax penguin was first spotted around 1990 on several trains in The Netherlands. A local graffiti artist created the symbol as an alternative signature, rather than using a written tag name. The aim was to prevent handwriting experts to find out who he was. It worked.
Absolutely. Paradax has lived several lives. Besides his graffiti career, he served as the logo of a company called Peecho. That's an early startup from Amsterdam. Sadly, he was fired in 2019 and went on as the unemployed and slightly depressed penguin he is today.
After he got fired at his previous job, Paradax became a lonely penguin. He fell into depression and paranoia. Look into his eyes, and you will see.
Not yet. But I have heard that this may be possible soon. Stay tuned!